Chloe x Halle - The Kids Are Alright (Chloe x Halle live on the Honda Stage at iHeartRa...

“The Kids Are Alright” by Chloe x Halle live on the Honda Stage iHeartRadio New York Chloe x Halle's debut album 'The Kids Are Alright 'is available now: Follow Chloe x Halle: chloexhalle chloexhalle chloexhalle Building on its deep foundation of bringing music to fans, American Honda brings you Honda Stage - a platform that celebrates determined, breakout artists and features their exclusive performances. And for a unique behind-the-scenes experience, Honda introduces Honda Backstage, where fans can dive deeper into what inspires and drives these artists who have pushed further and reached higher, no matter what stood in their way. Through Honda Stage, Honda Backstage, live events like Honda Civic Tour and Honda Stage festivals, and exclusive online content from partners including iHeartMedia, UPROXX, Vevo and Snapchat, Honda offers music fans access to the music moments they love and celebrates the creativity and drive it takes to make it big. Subscribe to discover new music from : Find us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Tumblr:


  • Desha_ Goofygurl (Desha_goofygirl)
    Desha_ Goofygurl (Desha_goofygirl)Muaj më parë

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!😩❤️🔥🔥2021 anyone?

  • unknown far far away usa
    unknown far far away usaMuaj më parë

    This is the sound they should stick with, now this them!!! Just tune the vocals just a smidgen but this their sound!!!

  • Nemi Fjord
    Nemi Fjord2 muaj më parë

    Got introduced to them through ungodly hour, im finding gems in their discography 💖💖

  • Chloe and Halle Fan
    Chloe and Halle Fan2 muaj më parë

    " I see you2 That was so cute. Chloe and Halle are amazing. period.

  • Chloe and Halle Fan
    Chloe and Halle Fan2 muaj më parë

    " y'all can move if you want to" me: dancing like nobody's watching

  • Chloe and Halle Fan
    Chloe and Halle Fan2 muaj më parë

    I love Chloe and Halle so much! They killed it

  • allen ashley
    allen ashley3 muaj më parë

    2:07 omg I'm a hoe for a bass drop. These girls are so talented hate that it took me listening to the ungodly hour album for me to really appreciate them. Best believe I will be sharing them with ALL of my friends. There music has already gotten me through some tough spots and I couldn't be happier that I have found (What Should Be) the next best Pop/R&B Singers.

  • Broderick Clavery
    Broderick Clavery3 muaj më parë

    Damn... I would be so embarrassed if I was one of the people in this crowd. They were stank af. Chloe x Halle - Y'ALL KILLED IT PER USUAL. Can feel your energy through the screen. Thank you for your talent!

  • Chris Mngø
    Chris Mngø3 muaj më parë

    Man , fuck that crowd

  • 0b3ytroy
    0b3ytroy4 muaj më parë

    I thought it was about to transition to no angel @ 2:09

  • punkmael
    punkmael5 muaj më parë

    The crowd giving me anxiety. God i hate it here THESE GIRLS ARE FRONT OF YOU AND YOU BE LIKE “ meeh “ f*** you sir. I love u Chloe x Halle 🖤🖤

  • Tracey Burris
    Tracey Burris5 muaj më parë

    I love to see Halle playing that guitar

  • Keyana Bynum
    Keyana Bynum6 muaj më parë

    I’m telling you the crowd had to be in shock that’s the only excuse I will accept

  • Van Hansen
    Van Hansen7 muaj më parë


  • Yuba Sun Productions
    Yuba Sun Productions7 muaj më parë

    wow stunning

  • Eric Phung
    Eric Phung7 muaj më parë

    Ok. If one person, just ONE started dancing, I bet the others would too. It’s just that nobody wanted to be that weirdo lunatic who danced while the others sat quietly.

  • Geancsr
    Geancsr9 muaj më parë

    Girl if I was in that crowd I would scream to death

    ALIVE and AWAKE9 muaj më parë

    They handled this with utter class. I Stan♥️

  • Erianna Smith
    Erianna Smith9 muaj më parë

    they don't deserve autographs 😡

  • TaySo _Real Bang Gamer
    TaySo _Real Bang Gamer9 muaj më parë

    The crowd make me wanna run they ass over during the performance ,because I think all of them was alittle to old to be there in the first place 💯DEAD ASS CROWD

  • GorgeouslyReal T.V.
    GorgeouslyReal T.V.9 muaj më parë

    My baby sis asked how they're covered here but not in later shows etc... I had no clue she paid attention to these girls .

  • O'phir Clayton
    O'phir Clayton9 muaj më parë

    Let me not get heated over the crowd again 😂

    JUICY’S PLANET10 muaj më parë

    It’s 2020 and we still aren’t ready for them 😫😍😍

    JUICY’S PLANET10 muaj më parë

    When you don’t realize the greatness in front of you , wack ass audience 😳

  • Braxton
    Braxton10 muaj më parë

    I'm so disappointed in the audience. Halle had to say, "Y'all can move if you want to." 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  • buti
    buti10 muaj më parë

    wtf is this crowd 😭😭😭

  • LG2WsFinest 1
    LG2WsFinest 110 muaj më parë

    crowd was dead.

  • Jae나는
    Jae나는10 muaj më parë

    Still watching this In 2020 and still passed that the audience was like that like chloe and Halle deserve a way bigger and better audience

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie11 muaj më parë

    Okay cause I thought I needed more from the audience!!!

  • Blond Elefant
    Blond ElefantVit më parë

    That audience is lame!! They not even alive 2:18

  • J M
    J MVit më parë

    Great performance, just starting listen to your music and I love all of it. I remember when you guys first starting making youtube videos, came a long way. Very talented

  • Cassandra Gates
    Cassandra GatesVit më parë

    Two beautiful sisters, you can tell they really enjoy their artistic talents.....Awesome!:-)

  • Kathy
    KathyVit më parë

    I'm so proud of Chloe and Halle, I can see that they sing for the joy of making art. And they mad talented, it's one thing to be supported by Beyoncé but another thing to actually match and supercede our expectations

  • Kathy
    KathyVit më parë

    I wish I was there ‼️‼️ Absolutely iconic ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

  • The Black Pearl
    The Black PearlVit më parë

    The crowd is dead like an army of little tin soldiers

  • Klarissa Ramadani
    Klarissa RamadaniVit më parë

    I just don't get it. These ladies are beyond talented. No one of these current girls can match the two ladies. Classy, real musicianship pure talent 🙌🏽🙏🏽💜💜

  • Jason
    JasonVit më parë

    Could you imagine rather looking down at your phone if this was actually happening IN FRONT OF YOU?!?! What is WRONG WITH THIS AUDIENCE?!?!

  • marloneatstreet
    marloneatstreetVit më parë

    I guess if they’re mesmerized, they should express a little appreciation and move to the music. I mean seriously 😁

  • Odiah Tyfany
    Odiah TyfanyVit më parë

    I have sooo much respect for them, this crowd was sooo disrespectful. As soon is Rona leaves I'm going to one of their concerts!!!

  • trinity london
    trinity londonVit më parë

    The performance is great❤ but the audience is weak if I did a show had to say y'all can move if y'all want to I'd be pissed😭😒

  • Jonathan Fowlkes
    Jonathan FowlkesVit më parë


  • nia Brady
    nia BradyVit më parë

    Ok imma about to war with this crowd its like there where being forced or something

  • GaMiNG MonKey
    GaMiNG MonKeyVit më parë

    The crowd doesn’t have great taste. Where’s the next group???

  • Kicking it with Kim Brooks
    Kicking it with Kim BrooksVit më parë

    Crowd can be dead, they still got that check from Honda tho 😉

  • Mj337
    Mj337Vit më parë

    Throw the whole audience away. . 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Valencia Esters
    Valencia EstersVit më parë


  • Raiane Andrade
    Raiane AndradeVit më parë


  • Ginger Dog
    Ginger DogVit më parë

    At 3:11 the lady in pink is ON HER PHONEEEE

  • Hanna Andrei

    Hanna Andrei

    Vit më parë

    Complete disrespect

  • Shukri Muse
    Shukri MuseVit më parë

    HOW! I'm getting goosebumps rn

  • Pedro Castelhano
    Pedro CastelhanoVit më parë

    We don't really care about the trends you like to follow You know what they say they here today and gone tomorrow Oooh Oooh If I'm in the mood I get as ratchet as I wanna Turn around and show you, I could bless you with some culture Oooh Oooh Workin' ain't no nine to five California that's a vibe Brings us always down to ride You know, you know that's the life We just wanna have some fun It's some love for everyone Pass it 'round when you get done That's the move yeah that's the one We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright Yeah the kids are alright We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright Yeah, the kids are Everything is new cause we about that innovation Call it how we see it we a genius generation Oooh Oooh Workin' ain't no nine to five! California that's a vibe We down to ride You know, you know that's the life We wanna have some fun It's some love for everyone Pass it 'round when you get done That's the move yeah that's the one (the one) We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright Yeah the kids are alright We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright Yeah the kids are Do it while you young Don't let them turn you numb Don't let them get you strung Oo let me put you on Don't listen to them lies Stop following the hype Better meditate, get the namaste Better go and get your life We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright! Yeah the kids are alright We all, we all, we alright The kids are alright We all, we alright! Yeah the kids are Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (hoh!) The kids are alright Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah (hoh!) Yeah the kids are alright (whoo!) Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (hoh!) The kids are alright Ooh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah the kids are alright

  • Ezinma88
    Ezinma88Vit më parë

    Tough room.

  • Rona
    RonaVit më parë

    The audience was wack, Chloe and Halle amazing ♥️♥️♥️

  • S.J. Sounds
    S.J. SoundsVit më parë

    As a musician...this is so dope! Yes Ladies!

  • Brooke
    BrookeVit më parë

    That only girl in the audience moving her head and her body wow

  • TMistério
    TMistérioVit më parë

    Eu não sei como esse povo conseguiu ficar parado com uma performance dessas. Carai mexe esse traseiro porra! kkkkkkkkkk tem uma mina no celular ali AFF

  • Ooppp Sister
    Ooppp SisterVit më parë

    Me: great performance All the comments: THE AUDIENCE SUCKED ASSS!!

  • Shaina Marie Johnson
    Shaina Marie JohnsonVit më parë

    Lol this crowd 😂

  • Raheem Mason
    Raheem MasonVit më parë

    I love chloe

  • Jeff Baril
    Jeff BarilVit më parë

    That crowd was legally dead.

  • Theodore Roosevelt
    Theodore RooseveltVit më parë

    When you sing in a graveyard #deadcrowd

  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Vit më parë

    Deaf people

  • Bekahoot
    BekahootVit më parë

    Chloe is a genius, and Halle is a virtuoso.

  • Courtney Taylor
    Courtney TaylorVit më parë

    Halle on the guitar! The chick is an all-around beast!!!! Let's go Chloe × Halle!!!! 🙌🏽🔥❤

  • alexis pacheco
    alexis pachecoVit më parë

    Yall right this crowd was trash, throw em all away

  • myhextixmind
    myhextixmindVit më parë

    They killed this !

  • Sherice Browne
    Sherice BrowneVit më parë

    Gonna assume the crowd is in disbelief of the amount of talent before them

  • Rita C
    Rita CVit më parë

    lmao at least move your head people! they sound amazing and unique!

  • The Life of Carlontae
    The Life of CarlontaeVit më parë

    I love their voice so relaxing to the ears awwww

  • Fendi Lebrant
    Fendi LebrantVit më parë

    Beautiful girls 😘😘😘I love y'all ,y'all deserve much better, seriously ,but God will continue bless you both girls

  • Maamaman
    MaamamanVit më parë

    Who are the people that make up these audiences that get these opportunities only to sit there like a fucking log? Lame AF 🙄

  • Nadja144
    Nadja144Vit më parë

    Maybe the worst crowd I’ve ever seen!

  • Senlouie
    Senlouie2 vjet më parë

    damn they're not wearing ear monitors. Vocals on point

  • Daniel Cuamba
    Daniel Cuamba2 vjet më parë

    They such a vibe

  • Torris Ali
    Torris Ali2 vjet më parë

    Leave the U.S., you're too good for us and have too much depth in your music to be wasting time here.

  • Keitumetse Molatlhwa
    Keitumetse Molatlhwa2 vjet më parë

    This crowd did not deserve this performance.

  • Raven Rose
    Raven Rose2 vjet më parë

    The audience mad cuz they not kids no mo'.... Like me im 28 and feel sooo old

  • Raven Rose
    Raven Rose2 vjet më parë

    That guitar!! I looove guitars...

  • Daqui Jay
    Daqui Jay2 vjet më parë


  • Justise Porter
    Justise Porter2 vjet më parë

    That crowd was mad disrespectful 😐 y’all killed that !!

  • ethan luke
    ethan luke2 vjet më parë

    chills .

  • atalina08
    atalina082 vjet më parë

    Deadass audience. Halle was like, ya'll lame asses need to bob ya heads or

  • William Knust
    William Knust2 vjet më parë

    One of my dreams is meet them and the audience wasting THIS opportunity! OMG! :(

  • Ty Velour
    Ty Velour2 vjet më parë


  • Jacquelyn Pineda
    Jacquelyn Pineda2 vjet më parë

    I'm so inspired by these young women! Keep up the beautiful creativity!

  • Maria Carolina
    Maria Carolina2 vjet më parë

    I hated the audience so bad but whatever if I were there I would of stood up and dance 💃

  • Tikel Davis
    Tikel Davis2 vjet më parë

    It seems like they always have horrible crowds but I’m glad they continue to exemplify excellent. Talented butts!!

  • Mikyyy D
    Mikyyy D2 vjet më parë

    This world is deaf to Good music I bet if it was 69 they would be dancing tho

  • G L
    G L2 vjet më parë

    WTF is this crap? This isn't The Who.

  • Raniere Aguiar
    Raniere Aguiar2 vjet më parë

    Come to Brazil please

  • PhdFred Ukzn
    PhdFred Ukzn2 vjet më parë

    They deserved a better audience...

  • gift nabakooza
    gift nabakooza2 vjet më parë

    there is talent, then there's Chloe & Halle

  • sof eliana
    sof eliana2 vjet më parë

    officially MY FAVOURITE

  • Netinai Taemklangwichian
    Netinai Taemklangwichian2 vjet më parë

    Their songs are wonderful

  • V Nation
    V Nation2 vjet më parë

    Your performance in San Diego was AMAZING!!

  • Amaka Amaka
    Amaka Amaka2 vjet më parë

    What's wrong with the audience?😗

  • Refa C.
    Refa C.2 vjet më parë

    Throw the wholeee auidence in the bin!😭geez!.....they were amazing as always❤❤❤

  • 1200 Punto com
    1200 Punto com2 vjet më parë

    beautiful i like your video and the song chloe are the group

  • DJBlend21
    DJBlend212 vjet më parë

    I feel that the crowd was told to stay as still a possible, had to be! On another note, these kids are alright!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • YassChick
    YassChick2 vjet më parë

    2:08 caught me off guard!!

  • Ivy G
    Ivy G2 vjet më parë

    Lovvvvvvvvve yall !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nita W
    Nita W2 vjet më parë

    Wow what An amazing performance and the dead ass crowd ! If I was there I would have stood up in front of them and danced the entire time- I mean really these mofos were on their phones 🤔🤔- oh well it keep pushing chole and Halle 👏🏿👏🏿👊🏿👊🏿❤️

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